Today’s History – Important and Historical Events of 24 July 2021 – Historical Events Of July 24

Today’s History – Important and Historical Events of 24 July 2021 – Historical Events Of July 24

24 July Ka Itihas

1901 – O’Henry is released from prison in Columbus, Ohio, after serving three years for bank embezzlement.
1922 – The draft of the British Treaty of Palestine is formally ratified by the Council of the League of Nations.
1923 – The Treaty of Lausanne, settling the borders of modern Turkey in Switzerland, is signed by Greece, Bulgaria, and other countries that fought in World War II.
1924 – Themistoklis Sophoulis becomes Prime Minister of Greece.
1927 – The Menin Gate War Memorial is unveiled in Ypres.
1932 – Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan was established.
1937 – Alabama drops rape charges against the Scottsboro Boys.
1963 – The ship Bluenase II is launched at Lawnenberg, Nova Scotia.
1967 – During an official state visit to Canada, French President Charles de Gaulle announces a crowd of more than 100,000 people in Montreal.
1969 – Apollo Program: Apollo 11 landed safely in the Pacific Ocean.
1974 – Watergate scandal: The United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled that President Richard Nixon did not have the authority to withhold White House tapes.
1977 – The four-day long Libya-Egyptian War ends.
1987 – Hulda Crooks, at age 91, climbs Mt. Crooks becomes the oldest person to climb Japan’s highest peak.

24 July Famous People Birth

1853 – Shankar Bal Krishna Dixit, a Marathi scholar of astrology, was born.
1911 – Pannalal Ghosh, India’s famous flute player, was born.
1924 – Nazish Pratapgarhi, the famous Urdu poet and poet, was born.
1935 – Rampal Upadhyay, a member of the 12th Lok Sabha, was born.
1937 – Manoj Kumar, the famous Indian actor, was born.
1969 – Jeffrey Linlofage, American singer, director, and dancer was born.

Famous Persons Death on 24 July

1939 – Tarun Ram Phukan, a social activist from Assam, died.
1980 – Hindi film actor Uttam Kumar died.
2017 – Yashpal (scientist), India’s famous scientist and educationist, passed away


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